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New Management

Before I write another word I would like to extend my gratitude to Charlie for all the effort and most importantly, care, that he has put into the OOTP community.

For those of us who have been around awhile the evolution of mod sites has been a windy & sometimes rocky road. The days of 3 or 4 competing sites, evolved to me hosting the files for whomever was willing to create website. Padresfan was the longest serving of that group, but as tends to happen, he moved on to other interests. It is at this point that Charlie stepped in and unified the process under creating another stage in OOTP community development.

There have been many attempts at an OOTPwiki over the years. On the surface the project looks like a no-brainer but it takes a unique set of circumstances for a wiki to be successful. Not only do you need an active community, that community has to believe that the recourses backing the effort are in it for the long haul all while including the community in evolutionary effort. in short, not only does the community need to feel they have a real stake in the effort, they need to feel the ground is stable.

Some time ago (due to a head injury I honestly don't remember the timeline, and don't want to bother looking it up) we started the project under the banner of the Corporate League Baseball online league community, this was not done as some goofy online league marketing stunt. It was done to inject a sense of community ownership into the very DNA of the project. These things matter when you are evolving into a hobby based community.

That brings us to today.

Over that last couple of weeks Charlie and I and been dotting i's and crossing t's to bring the rights and responsibilities of under the CLB/ umbrella. ... Today it is so.

What does that mean?

For today it means is fully operational. We have a small staff of 2 unemployed, college aged children so please feel free to begin making submissions. if you have made submissions in the past and they have not been updated, please resubmit. we do apologize for any inconvenience.

for the immediate future it means that will shortly be moving onto the server and hopefully we can fix the final issue we have been having with the wiki, it's WYSIWYG editor.

For the long term future it is our goal to turn this into a self perpetuating community, where we are no longer under the tyranny of a single person operating community resources. We imagine a time when the OOTP community evolves from a collection of game enthusiasts to a hobby based community, and that community owns and operates the communities resources in the name of, and to benefit, this community.

But that is a long term goal, for today, the headline is. is under mew management, and welcomes your participation.

Updates for OOTP 15 Posted!

In addition to hosting the 2014 All-in-One Mod for use with OOTP 15, has also begun to add new files for use with the latest version of OOTP Baseball. Questdog's name files have been updated for this year's release, along with Pstrickert's English XML file for text-to-speech. More files will be added as they are submitted.

Donate to

Your donations to support the website are always welcome. We use your donations to help offset costs for our dedicated server, hosting, the time required for maintenance, and to invest in future expansions and developments.

Have OOTP mods helped you get more fun out of your OOTP games? Please consider a donation to help keep this site running.

Gambo's 2013 Stadium Chart

Gambo, a long-time OOTP Developments forum member, has released the latest version of his stadium chart, which provides ballpark factors for nearly every stadium from the history of Major League Baseball and many from the minor leagues, Japanese NPB, Negro National League, and others. These can be found in the file and then entered manually with the OOTP ballpark editor. You can even use another tab in the chart to calculate your own ballpark factors for generic or fictional stadiums. Visit the Ballparks section of to download the file.

Questdog's Name Files Added

Questdog, an OOTP Developments forum member and resident expert on name files has created a set of three new files for use with OOTP 14. There is a file with realistic names for 19th century baseball along with another file for 1970 and one for post-2000 baseball. The new bundle can be downloaded in the Others section here in

Gambo Mods Unleashed!

OOTP Developments forum member Gambo has released a number of new mods that are ideal for historical MLB or fictional historical players of OOTP Baseball. Gambo's new files include an archive of Importable Ballpark PRK Files that can be imported into OOTP 14. Now you can easily import historical stadiums with accurate dimensions and ballpark factors for use with your leagues. He has also put together compilations of MLB logos, jerseys, and ballcaps to cover the evolution of team uniforms and names from 1901 to the present day. Check out the Ballparks, Logos, and Facegen sections for all the latest additions from Gambo. will be working to make these and more new mods available for download from OOTP Baseball's Add-Ons Central. So keep visiting our site for more updates soon!

Gambo/Spritze Database for OOTP 14 Now Available!

The latest version of the Gambo/Spritze Database is now available for OOTP 14. This is a customized historical database based on neutralized stats that includes many additional Negro League players along with Japanese league players and top minor leaguers and other amateur players who never made it to the Major Leagues but had distinguished baseball careers. Player's non-MLB stats are based on their real life totals with modifiers for comparison to the MLB level in OOTP. The new file is available in the Databases section, but make sure to visit the associated OOTP Developments forum link for more information or to ask questions about how to install and use the database.

World Default XML Tool and Reference Guide

Many users of earlier versions of OOTP Baseball enjoyed creating their own nations, states, provinces, and cities for fictional baseball worlds. But the process changed dramatically with the release of OOTP 12, which adopted the world_default.xml file as the new master file for creating and editing worlds. This added great new features like editable regions to the game and will enable other development in the future, but the new editing process became difficult for some to master. Dreifort from the OOTP Developments forums developed a great Quick Reference Guide and an Excel spreadsheet tool to help users make the transition. The Excel tool is now available here in the Others section, and you can access the Quick Reference Guide at the forums. highly recommends Dreifort's work, but ALWAYS remember to back up your current world_default.xml file before making any changes. And be aware that any changes to the file will affect ALL new games that you create in OOTP.

New Baseball Card Templates Available

Thanks to a submission by silvam14 from the OOTP Developments forums, there are four new baseball card templates available in the Facegen section under the Trading Card Templates category. These are compatible with both OOTP 13 and 14. If you're a fan of 1980s sports cards or just want a new look for your baseball cards in OOTP Baseball, give them a try!

New Updates Posted

New files are now designated with a "New" graphic next to the file names and descriptions on the mods pages. The latest updates on the site include C.L. Moffatt's Ballpark Creator, an app that was originally developed for another baseball sim but can now be used to create your own custom ballpark graphics for use in the OOTP Webcast screen. The Ballpark Creator is in the Ballparks section. Other updates include Bobble's Facial Hair Mod for OOTP 14 and OOTP Jersey Textures and Shading Layers from bassman58. These are available in the FaceGen section in the bottom category for Other Files. In the Templates section, there is a new mod containing a CSV file with all World Series rosters through 2012. And there is a mod with a Modified English.XML File for OOTP 14 Text to Speech.

NOTE: If you haven't downloaded and installed the 2013 All-In-One Mod for OOTP 14, go to Add-Ons Central from within the OOTP Baseball software, make sure you've refreshed your server connections, and install the mod easily from inside the game. The file is hosted right here at, but it's served up from within the game to make installation quick and easy!


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